Behind the making...

Efrain (Dad), Ana (Mom) and three little kids who judges the final product...

Ana were born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. "I remember when me and my sister used to go get raspados made from scratch with all natural fruit, specially guava topped with condensed milk" people with push cars is all over the cities selling all kinds of goods from fresh fruit, chile and lime to prepared corn, or even chips prepared to your taste. And so much more.

Efrain were born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. "During my 20 years staying in mexico i always buyed frozen  treats from the people who made their own ice cream, Raspados and paletas, specially those helados thats Don Toño makes, and i've been told that he's still making and selling helados " in mexico is very common to see small temporary setups outside of schools with all kinds of hand made treats for kids.

We've been in New Mexico for over 13 years and we haven't found the flavor that we are used to, that's why we decided to bring our very own flavors and textures. After visiting places advertising themselves with trendy labels like "All Natural" "Organic" "Real fruit" "Authentic" and many more labels but still it wasn't what we were looking for, at this point there was nothing else to do but to start a "crazy" concept of using natural ingredients, no colors, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors added. with the authentic Mexican cooking and the approval of our three little ones of course.

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Hand Made...

Artisan helado is not about bright colors that catches your attention, is about what's inside. When I'm making helado I feel happy because you are not just getting colors and flavors, you actually get the benefits of the fruits and nuts. Taking the coconut helado for example: it's a milk base helado but what makes the difference is the fact that we use the coconut meat and coconut water, therefore you get all the good benefits and oils that a coconut provides. 


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